Welcome to Windy Hill Apple Farm!

October 19, 2015: Now picking GoldRush and Enterprise Apples

The orchard is open for u-picking GoldRush and Enterprise apples until November 8th. We expect to have all picked and sorted and available for selection from the cooler in our sales room by the 10th. We are planning to have sweet cider available by October 28th. You might call 740-587-3632 to confirm the availability at that time.

When you visit, consider buying a set-up for making hard cider. A set-up would consist of a five gallon glass carboy (we don't use plastic) with five gallons of truly excellent freshly pressed apple juice (sweet cider) mixed for a full spectrum of flavors and rich in natural sugar. This mixture will start to ferment in a few days after taken out of refrigeration. You can purchase the whole set-up for $75 which includes the cider and reimbursing me for my out-of-pocket expenses. Email me if you wish to place an order.

September 10, 2015: Lots of Enterprise and GoldRush Apples this Year

We will open this fall on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 for a couple of weeks for u-pick. This year we have plenty of our two winter apple varieties, Enterprise and GoldRush. Both can be picked at that date while it is a little early to be picking GoldRush. We will have Enterprise pre-picked and available for selection in the Sales Room. We will start picking GoldRush in a week or so later and have them also available for selection. Both apples are excellent storage apples that can be used for all purposes. They make excellent sweet ciders and can be blended to make a top quality hard (fermented) cider. Stay tuned for cider availability.

December 31, 2014: All Apple Products are Sold Out

We have sold all the apples and sweet cider for this season. The customers are very happy with their purchases and we will await reports of results from those making their own hard cider and the distillery that is working to make an apple brandy. Thanks for a great season and, assuming we will have a good crop, we will look forward to seeing you in October 2015.

December 14, 2014: Cider and Apples for Christmas

We just made another batch of sweet cider from the GoldRush apples in storage. It will keep in refrigeration for two weeks then it will start to develop a little effervescence. It is very refreshing and a good alternative to soda pop as the natural sugars are a lot healthier than high fructose corn syrup. We make it on a regular basis by putting a jug out on the kitchen counter for a couple of days then refrigerator it. If you are going to purchase more than a few gallons, call 740-587-3632 to make sure we have it bottled or we can assist you in drawing that larger batch at a discount.

Yes, we still have GoldRush apples for sale but only for a few weeks.

November 18, 2014: Untreated Sweet Cider Available

We are now into the season for making sweet cider from GoldRush apples. We pressed over 160 gallons in the past few days and, of course, it is chemical free and unpasteurized. You can purchase it by the gallon at $10 per gallon. If you want a larger quantity and you provide your own container, you can purchase five gallons or more at a discounted rate of $9 per gallon. At a specific gravity of over 1.058 it will make an excellent hard cider and we can advise you on how to do that.

Yes, we have lots of GoldRush apples in the cooler for your selection. We are open for self-serve every day from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Call us before you come out at 740-587-3632 for large purchases or just to make sure we have cider in stock.

October 15, 2014: Apples Ready to be Picked

We will open this fall on Saturday, October 18th. for a couple of weeks. While we had a few apples on several varieties, this year we have only one variety, GoldRush available for picking. The other varieties, while they blossomed, hardly set fruit. The trees have simply gotten too old to produce. We have started to replant but the focus of the orchard has changed to concentrate on apples for high quality juice for drinking as sweet cider and making hard (fermented) cider. Stay tuned for availability.

Product availability:






 Apples  $40/bushel§
 Apples  $20/half-bushel§
 Sweet cider  $10/gal.

§ A half-bushel is about 20 lbs.