Welcome to Windy Hill Apple Farm!

October 15, 2014: Apples Ready to be Picked

The orchard will open daily for a couple of weeks to pick-your-own apples on Saturday, October 18th. We have an excellent crop of GoldRush apples this year. We do have a few of the other varieties specifically Scarlet O'Hara and Romeo and Juliet that are pleasant to eat out of hand. The price is the same as last year. Remember GoldRush is my premium all purpose apple and is an excellent keeper.

While we are open for u-pick, we will start harvesting the apples to sort and wash them removing the late season fungi, that is only a cosmetic nuisance. The sorted rejects will go into making the much-in-demand untreated sweet cider after these apples sit around for a couple of weeks waiting for their turn to please the customers. We will post a notice here when the cider is ready.

Product availability:






 Apples  $40/bushel§
 Apples  $20/half-bushel§
 Sweet cider  $10/gal.

§ A half-bushel is about 20 lbs.