Welcome to Windy Hill Apple Farm!

We open this fall on Saturday, September 14th; hours are weekdays 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. This year we'll have apples already picked and ready for you to select but you can pick-your-own until Saturday, October 26.

October 4, 2013 Sweet Cider Now Available

We made a small amount of sweet cider yesterday and it has a nice balance of sweet apple flavors and tartness. We made it using the sorted out Liberty and Romeo apples and it is good. Since it is an early cider we are selling it at $8 per gallon. Of course, it is unpasteurized and chemical free. Also, we now have cider vinegar bottled in 750 ml bottles for $3 and one-gallon jugs for $10.

This week you can pick Enterprise apples in the orchard. And we have a few Romeos and Juliets left in the cooler. We are asking our customers to wait until October 20th to pick the GoldRush apples.

September 11, 2013. Apples Ready to be Picked

Liberty apples are becoming ripe and can be picked now. They are an excellent dessert apple as well as the award winning apple for pies and apple sauce. Since they are organically grown, they will have some superficial blemishes but most customers can deal with that. We also have a few Scarlet O'Hara and Crimson Crisp available. The Enterprise and Romeo and Juliets will be available the first of October. The price is the same as last year, $20 per half-bushel, with some discounts for large volumes.

August 3, 2013.  News Concerning the 2013 Crop

We expect to have a good crop of Liberty apples the latter part of September. They should be nicely sized as the load is a bit thin. Some of the varieties barely produced this year but we should have a nice crop of Enterprise, Romeo and Juliet, and GoldRush apples. Keep checking this web page for updates as the season progresses.

November 5, 2012.  Sweet Cider Now Available

We now have sweet cider from GoldRush apples.  While this is early in the season for GoldRush cider, it is outstanding!  It has a wonderful balance of acidity with sweetness and just enough dryness to encourage you to take another drink.  It will also make a great mulled cider.  Of course, this cider is untreated and chemical free as the apples have been grown with organic practices.

Product availability:





Closed, but contact us for information or to schedule an appointment to purchase Cider Vinegar or Cider Syrup.


 Apples  $40/bushel§
 Apples  $20/half-bushel§
 Sweet cider  $8/gal.
 Cider syrup  $11/8 oz. bottle*
$10/gal. or
$3/750 ml bottle*

§ A half-bushel is about 20 lbs.

*Includes $.50 bottle deposit